This year we had three different Batizados:
Be'er Sheva (Mestranda Edna Lima),
Tel Aviv & Haifa (Prof. Sabia and Peixa Cru) and
Holon & Jerusalem (Mestrando Morcego).
Pictures from Holon's Batizado will soon be available.

Be'er Sheva

Mestranda Edna Lima came to Be'er Sheva from New York,
and gave a great show. Here, take a look!

Professor Tigre, Mestranda Edna Lima and Aluno Graduado Beduim

Aluno Graduado Beduim in a solo performance

Mestranda Lima and Prof. Tigre
Instrutor Isaac and Prof. Tigre
Panda and TicTac
Golias and Lamina



Tel Aviv & Haifa

Tel Aviv and Haifa groups had a great Batizado, with Professor Peixa Cru
and Professor Sabia, who came from Brazil.
There were some guests from Capoeira Mandinga and Berimbau de ouro, too.

Click any picure to enlarge.


Professor Sabia

Professor Peixa-cru








Thanks to Lamina for most of the pictures from Tel Aviv's Batizado, and to Topeira for Be'er Sheva's.

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