ABADA-Capoeira championship 2000
By Adar Vinter, Topeira
The event was held on Saturday, 19/02/2000, in "Ironi T'Z" high school in Tel Aviv. 16 Capoeiristas participated in the event, which was for corda Amarelo-Laranja (Yellow-Orange) and above. The laws of the tournament are as following: There are four groups, in each four Capoeiristas. After each round, the two with the highest scores get to continue to the next group.
The scoring is divided to game score and personal score. Game score consists of the game's quality, interaction between the players, the moves they do, etc. Personal scores starts from maximum points, and "offenses" during the game cause a decrease. For example, acrobatics while entering the roda, "buying" a game not during the "coro", falling during the game, a game which is not played according to the right rhythm, and for certain moves which are not right for the game's rhythm (for example, Decida Basica in Angola game, or Queda de quatro in Benguela game).
Each Capoeirista gets to play three games with the three others in the same group. The first round was combined of Benguela, Regional and Angola games (See the Glossary section at the end of this article for more explanations). Each game was held with another player from the same group, total of 24 games in the first round.
Round 1

The groups in the first round were as following:
Group 1 - Golias, Lamina, Mamba and Lingua
Group 2 - Pipoca, Xaminho, Penguin and Jepeto
Group 3 - Boto, Panda, Topeira and Guatambu
Group 4 (girls only!) - Sapeca, De Marte, Eua and Inga
Round 2

The first round took half an hour, and in its end the following Capoeiristas continued to the next group:
Group 1 - Topeira, Golias, Xaminho and Sapeca
Group 2 - Panda, Jepeto, De Marte and Lamina
At the second round, there were 2 groups of 4 players each. Three rhythms were played, too, but this time, the Angola game was replaced by a Iuna game.
Final Round
Sapeca, Golias, Jepeto and De Marte didn't make it to the final round. The other four: Panda, Lamina, Xaminho and Topeira made a group, in which there were Benguela, Regional and Iuna games. The winner was chosen on basis of the summary of all the points that were gained during all the rounds.
Best Games

Before announcing the winners, Isaac and Tigre, the judges, announced the best games:

Best Angola game: Boto & Panda
Best Regional game: Xaminho & Jepeto
Best Benguela game: Xaminho & Topeira
Best Iuna game: Topeira & Panda

Each Capoeirista was given a medal.

Women's Ranking:

1st place - Sapeca (Corda Laranja-Azul), from the group in Tel Aviv
2nd place - De Marte (Corda Azul)
3rd place - Eua (corda Laranja)

Men's Ranking:

1st place - Topeira (Corda Laranja), from the group in Holon
2nd place - Panda (Corda Laranja-Azul)
3rd place - Xaminho (Corda Laranja-Azul)

The winners of the first places will go to the European Championship, which will be held on April in Spain.

Benguela: a game in rhythm, an average combination between 'game seeing' and Acrobatics.
Regional: A fast game combined of fast, high moves.
Angola: A slow-paced game which aim is "thinking" and moving with the other player.
Iuna: A fast game with a lot of Acrobatics, a "flowing" game.

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