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A Letter from
Mestre Camisa

For sometime, I`ve been feeling the need for a powerful vehicle for ABADÁ-CAPOEIRA to communicate both internally and externally. The steady growth of our work required the creation of our newspaper, and it is with great pleasure that we present you the first edition of the ABADÁ-CAPOEIRA Newspaper which has come to stay.

In this first publication we`ll introduce you to ABADÁ, as well as some of our most important members, and philosophy of our work. It`s a serious task performed with full-time dedication, which has been extensively rewarded with the support and the recognition received by our association in and out of Brazil.

Our main object is, and will always be, the members of ABADÁ-CAPOEIRA. For this reason the following will cover matters of day to day interest, such as nutrition, physical education, first aid and citizen`s rights. We`ll also have a section for letters where readers will be able to express themselves freely, giving suggestions and constructive criticism. They will also be able to bring us questions and problems concerning Capoeira or any other matter that they may face. Those letters will be addressed, whenever possible, by qualified professionals of ABADÁ and respective answers will be published in the next edition.

The ABADÁ-CAPOEIRA editorial council has the honor of the participation of the university teachers, historians and researches who will publish monthly essays of relevance to the formation and information of the capoeirista and the general public. This will expand our knowledge of facts and historic processes and enrich our contact, and will consequently increase our level of consciousness and allowing us to better exercise our citizenship.

The ABADÁ-CAPOEIRA Newspaper is one more instrument which will help to accomplish our main purpose, which is the union and the professionalism of capoeiristas developing a higher technical, cultural and educational level. This way, we can always keep the traditions and fundamentals of Capoeira more and more alive.

My best regards,
Mestre Camisa