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Tucano preto (winner of the last Jogos Mondiais)
will conduct a four days workshop in Holon and Jerusalem during next week (09/01).
We want Capoeirisitas from Israel to design shirts for the workshop -
and the visitors of this website will judge who's the best.
The winner will get FREE PARTICIPATION in the workshop (200 shekels worth), PLUS,
of course, eternal fame when the selected design will be shown on this website..
You can either email your designs to us, or hand them to Topeira or Golias.


The Flash enhanced version of
ABADA-Capoeira Israel official website
will be released on February 1st.
This means: New Movies section, New "Do it yourself" Capoeira
training section, new songs, pictures and more.
Thanks to all the people who helped and especially to all the visitors,
who were patient and kept supporting.

Get this great new Capoeira picture by Topeira!

New movie clips in the site:
Mascara performing Au sem mao ponte
Charminho shows an incredible Au Mortal,
Au ponte sem mao by Topeira
and a great double beija-flor by Mascara the wonderboy. :)

Wanna meet other Capoeiristas from around the world?
Take a look at the Capoeira List!

Israel took the 3rd place
in the III Capoeira World Games!!!
Click here for a picture showing Mestre Camisa giving Isaac the award
or a picture with some of our group's members in Brazil.
More pics - coming soon...

Latest additions:
Two new pages: Capoeira Glossary and an updated links section.
215 Capoeira songs in one zipped word document (thanks to Luis Cruz),
PLUS 50 megs of MP3 Capoeira songs.

Almost forgot: This site is so popular, some sites have decided to take
photos from it. All I ask from those webmasters is to let me know
and link to my site, in return for the material... Only fair.


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Design and graphics by Nir S., Letrado.
  Additional graphics and mental support by Cristal.
Thanks goes to Alho, Crista and Ayelet,
who help me a lot with the site. Obrigado!

  ©Letrado, 1999. No Capoeiristas were harmed in the making of this Website.    

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