Music is a very important of Capoeira. The Music, created by the  Berimbau, Atabaque and Pandeiro
(check the Info section for details)  gives the jogo, the game inside the Roda, more power.
The singing, along with the rhytm of the instruments, fills the Roda with energy -
and  the game becomes more lifeful.    This page's purpose is to help Capoeiristas learn songs,
  so feel free to copy the lyrics given here.

Capoeira Songs in MP3 Format

The following songs were submitted by Alho:

Capoeira songs - recorded live, no copyrights violated.
each file contains about 3-4 songs.
Due to insufficient storage space, I uploaded only 6 of 12 files.

Capoeira Songs 5
Capoeira Songs 6
Capoeira Songs 7
Capoeira Songs 9
Capoeira Songs 11
Mestre dos mestres (sung by Mestre Bimba)



You can either download the Zip file which contains about 200 songs or view the lyrics page (55 songs).