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Tigre e Gato Branco,
a roda in Jerusalem

Gato Branco - One hand Bananeira

Gato Branco - Voo do morcego

Fogo - Au sem mao

Fogo - Macaco

Gato Branco - Open salto

Gato Branco - Yet another Au sem mao...



Gato Branco's showoff pics :)

In a roda with Mosquito,
pulling a parafuzo

Inverted Headstand


And another mortal


A great Beija flor


Pictures from ABADA's Newspaper

Topeira sent me those pics, scanned from the newpaper which covered the Jogos Mondiais
of 1999, if I'm not mistaken... If you look closely, you can see our group's members there!

Part III - Updated 11/3/2000

Furacao e Paulinha

Mestrandos Tucano Preto e King

Peixe Cru e Cafeina

Sabia e Piolho


Part II - Updated 3/8/2000

Cabecada um bananeira

Armada Duple

Pica-Pau pulls an amazing
two legs Beija-flor

Mestrando King e Mestre Maurao

Gato e Rasteira


Part I - Updated 28/7/2000


Armada Auto

Voo do Morcego

Tucano Preto pulls a MeiaLua


Pictures from Brazil
King, Still the king!
King shows off in a spectacular beija-flor
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He is NOT falling from somewhere...
simply_s_br5.jpg (13468 bytes)

simply_s_br6.jpg (11991 bytes)

simply_s_br7.jpg (6414 bytes)


Playing on the beach

Franja and Topeira when they were in their prime...


Batizado 1997

Professor Tigre

Mestrando Charm

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