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Updates & Events
Links updated
Added several new links to the links section.
Art section updated
Added an amazing drawing by Topeira to the art section!
Do It Yourself
section updated
A salto tutorial by Topeira & Letrado - Check it out!
World Wide Pics section updated
Updated with Gato Branco's and Fogo's pictures - Great moves!
World Wide Pics & Links section updated
Added six great pics by Gato Branco,
and added Capuraginga Haifa to the Links section.
Roda on the beach in Tel Aviv!
A roda will be held on Saturday (12/8) in Gordon beach in Tel Aviv.
Everybody's invited!
World Wide Pics & Links sections updated
Added seven new photos from ABADA's newspaper, and a link to ABADA-Holland.
World Wide Pics section updated
Added photos from ABADA's newspaper.
World Wide Pics section updated
Added photos from ABADA's newspaper.
5 new movies added
A must see! Fogo's great armada dupla, saltos and even a salto from a pole!
The movies section now consists of 33 movies.
8 new movies added
Batizado 2000 photos, and 5 new songs added
Added photos from Be'er Sheva's and Tel Aviv's Batizados,
and five new Capoeira songs.
Capoeira Art section updated
Added Martelo by Topeira and Meia Lua by Letrado.
Do It Yourself and Info sections Updated
Topeira & John Lennon's drawings of Queda de rins will help you to look great in the roda.
Gato Branco and Danny drew the cords for the ABADA's system of degrees.

Personal Pics Section and Capoeira List Updated

Added Mosquito's and Fogo's new pics, and updated Gato Branco's information.
Batizado 2000
Holon & Jerusalem
Mestrando Morcego will come from Brazil to attend this Batizado.
The workshop will be on the 18-21/6, in Holon and Jerusalem.
The Batizado will be on the 21st.

Personal Section Updated

Sorry for the delay! Got new pics from Graveto and Gato Branco.
Art & Personal sections updated
Added Topeira's oil painting, Armada E Esquiva,
and a new picture of Gato Branco.
Batizado 2000 photos!
Great photos added! Check it out!

Queda de rins added to D.I.Y Section

Added Queda de rins (by John Lennon) to the Do It Yourself section.
Also added Gato Branco's picture to the Personal Pictures Page.
More moves added to D.I.Y Section,
and a drawing to
the art section
Added pictures offfNegativa and Parafuso Douple, both by Gato Branco, and
an illustrated exlpanation for Meia Lua De Frente by John Lennon to the D.I.Y section.

Also added John Lennon's drawing "Roda" to the art section.
Beija Flor and Parafuzo added to D.I.Y Section

Added pictures of Beija Flor (plus Gato Branco's great double-leg beija flor)
and Parafuzo, courtesy of Gato Branco and Mosquito from Jerusalem.
Added Mosquito from Tel Aviv to the Capoeiristas List.

Batizado 2000 - Tel Aviv
The groups from Tel Aviv and Haifa had an amazing Batizado,
full of energy and with many spectators.
Professor Peixa-Cru and Professor Sebeia came from Brazil to attend the Batizado.
There were also guests from Capoeira Mandinga and Cordao de Ouro.
Soon - Pictures, and hopefully movie clips!
Mosquito's pic added to the personal pictures page
A really great pic! Take a look.
Revamped Batizado 99

I really must apologize for not updating the site for a really long time. Psychometric exam and JavaScript problems :)
As I Promised, I got a new scanner and re-scanned all of the pictures.
Now you can see them enlarged - And they are great pictures.
Soon I'll be done uploading all the music files, thanks to youx who kept
nagging me about them. :)

Adloyada - 21/3
The big Adloyada in Holon will be held on Tuesday, 21/3.
Everybody is invited to be a part of the great Purim Parade,
which our Capoeira group will be a part of. Wanna join? Read this.
Updated D.I.Y
and Links sections
Added a flash explanation for Pisao to the Do It Yourself section,
and added 2 new links to the Links section.
A new picture
in the art section
Added Topeira's beautiful "Chamada" to the art section
(and removed Panda from the personal pics page, to his relief)
Topeira's article about
the championship
Added Topeira's article "ABADA Capoeira championship 2000",
a comprehensive article about the championship with detailed explanations.
The article is available both in English and Hebrew.
Israeli Championship
19/2/2000 - The first Israeli ABADA-Capoeira championship was held.

Check the Israeli Championship page for more details!
New move in Do It Yourself section & Updated classes schedule
Added a Flash explanation for Decida Basica,
and updated the class schedule.
(yes, again!)
Calunga's film from Brasil will be on the
National Geographic Channel on Tuesday, February 15th at 18:30.
New section in the
Photo Gallery
Pictures from the workshop with Tucano Preto.
New move in Do It Yourself section
Added a Flash explanation for Bencao.
Launching the
new site
Letrado & Co. proudly present: ABADA-Capoeira Israel Official site
please report any bad links or other errors. thanks
Isaac, Panda, Charminho and Avigail were on "Milkshake" on
Channel 2. Movie clips will soon be avaliable.
We made headlines!
An article about the ABADA Capoeira group
and the workshop with Tucano Preto was in "Holon" newspaper.
Tucano Preto Workshop
Tucano Preto was in Israel and conducted a 6 days workshop.
Click here for pics!
Europe Championship pre-trials
The pre-trials will be held on April 2000.
Israel takes 3rd place
In the last Jogos Mondiais held in Brazil, Israel took the honorable 3rd place. Click here for pictures.


What's new in the Flash version
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New sections:

What's New - In this section you can learn about the latest announcements and
news of the Israel group - Rodas, competitions and more.

Movies - The place to show off. Do you know a great move you want everybody
to see and admire? Send us the movie clip or ask for Mascara's help.
Do It Yourself - Capoeira Guide. Contains many explanations for basic movements,
as well as advanced & complex moves - including a movie clip for each move.


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